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Paula Saenz, Human Services Branch Manager

Ian is very gifted when delivering a message. He is super creative and entertaining. One of my favorite things about Ian as a speaker is how he incorporates humor and music into his performance.



Teresa James, Senior Human Services Consultant

Ian is a talented and engaging speaker who articulates his heart and his passion through his words and music. He has the unique capacity to connect with youth and adults! The world is a better place because Ian shares his talent and his passion with us.


Martin Rafferty, CEO Of Youth Era

Ian has the IT factor. I’ve seen him speak in numerous different settings and he always brings tremendous value

Voice Acting

With years of radio experience and voicing several projects, Ian can bring a dynamic presence to your voice over ventures.


Working with several system of care agencies and non-profits, Ian can bring fresh and creative ideas to your organization.

1-On-1 Coaching

Partnering with several individuals on Independent living skills, business, marketing, music & more; Ian can use his skillset to help mold the minds of the future, or give a bump to those who are stuck.

Special Projects 

In addition to speaking; Ian has developed documentaries, trainings, video productions and more on a case by case basis in several capacities. Book Ian today to take your project to the next level. 


Book Ian Today!

‪(213) 557-1698‬

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